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Here at Anthony Bogdan Organs Limited we pride ourselves on the quality of the services that we deliver and welcome feedback and reviews from our customers and clientele. Please find below a selection of our most recent customer testimonials and feedback.

I've just played the cd you kindly sent-of myself playing the Viscount organ in Christ the King Leeds. What a magnificent sound! Very few of the many organs I play, be they computer or pipe, can match the rich quality of tone you have managed to build into that organ. It's a joy to play, and is by far a most satisfying instrument in terms of sound quality, and variety of tone.Well done once again on such an excellent instrument

Peter SineyMay 2017

Like most organists, I had been exploring the financial and logistical possibilities of acquiring an organ for home. I was rather forced into action by circumstances regarding the organs at the RNCM and how that would affect my teaching for JRNCM. In short, the college needed to purchase a Digital Organ of considerable size, flexibility, quality and match that to a budget.
I began by making enquiries of one well known agent here in the north-west whose instruments I know well. Sadly price was inappropriate; further visits to churches in January in sub-zero temperatures brought further interest but no further progress.
I then remembered that a good friend in Oldham had a 2 manual Viscount, purchased from Anthony Bogdan Organs Ltd, which I had very much enjoyed playing when there for dinner one evening. I immediately began exploring the very excellent Viscount website - something of a revelation. My enthusiasm was further increased on visiting Anthony’s website to discover that he was close by. The hunt was on and solutions soon began to become clearer. I enjoyed two excellent conversations with David Mason at Viscount HQ, sadly too far to visit, and then rang Anthony. BINGO!
I drove over to Leigh with Kate, my pianist wife, to play the Viscount Envoy 350FV. Neither of us could leave it alone. We also tried some of the other models in Anthony's workshop.
The orders for the Envoy 350FV for RNCM and the Sonus 40 for home were placed by the end of January.
It is now here, why did I not do it before? It is perfect. The clean, compact, neat design is testament to Viscount’s Italian heritage; everything is exactly where you need it; the key action is the most crisp and responsive of any instrument I have played, and the sound………… where to begin?
Switch on and the pistons and display powers up and settles, then listen. It is alive, like a pipe organ, there is gentle wind noise (not a blunt deadness or faint electronic whine) which is a lovely and very clever touch.
Try any of the flutes at 8 or 4 foot pitch and run for your manuals only repertoire or better still play a Bach Trio slow movement. It is real! Diapason tone is equally impressive even noble right to the full chorus with no scream in the Mixtures, just full tonal development. Pedal 16 tone is firm, responsive and properly colourful – the perfect complement. Then reeds variously, I am running out of superlatives but they are all full of character and bite adding the full majesty without over running the textures.
The attack and peroration of the various stops is perfect as in a really good pipe organ and the reverb is most impressive in the way that it is placed around the speech giving natural enhancement and decay. Amazing.
Into the different voicings and tunings, so far utterly astonishing but needs a lot more exploration before writing again.
For now, many, many thanks to everyone concerned.

SIMON MERCERHigh Peak May 2017

Thank you so much for supplying me with this used Rodgers 535 Organ. It is absolutely fantastic, the string chorus is stunning as is the diapason chorus and the Full Organ is stunning, the Whole Organ is superb. Your professional care was second to none. I cant thank you enough!

Michael BondMargate January 2017

Thanks again for a good instrument, as described and delivered by helpful experts!

Mr Dave Fisher Ottershaw November 2016

Just a brief note to let you know how much I am enjoying my new acquisition a Viscount Cadet Compact 31
I am still experimenting and finding different settings and exploring its almost limitless possibilities.
The biggest bonus is being able to play and practice everyday in a warm environment, particularly now as the weather is worsening for the winter. Yesterday the temperature at the start of Morning Service was a miserable 43 degrees, even with the heating on.
Thank you too for your help and advice. The whole operation was smooth and effortless, and I will certainly recommend that any prospective purchasers come your way,

Michael LesterScarborough November 2016

Our thanks to Anthony Bogdan for his assistance in every respect during our search for a new digital organ. As Chapel Organist I am also impressed bu Anthonys personal approach which included a telephone call following the instruments first service at Capel Bethel Newydd Tywyn

Tudur Jones FRCOTywn October 2016

Now that I’ve had my Compact a month and a bit of an chance to get to grips with it, I’m just writing to say how pleased I am with it, also with the speed of service both of delivery and of repair with that little fault.

The Reverend Peter GoddenScarborough August 2016

The chance to own a digital organ of this specification and in such good condition was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Anthony is more than just a salesman – he is an engineer and an experienced musician who obviously loves his work. He voiced the organ carefully before delivery, achieving an authentic sound. The process of transporting and installing such a large, heavy instrument was remarkably straightforward, completed just in time for Christmas.

Richard Smith December 2015

The Jubilate has been enthusiastically received in Holy Family Church and I would like to thank you again for the speedy and efficient service. I would be most happy to recommend your firm to anyone.

Dr Patrick EdwardsThe Most Holy Family Catholic Church Llandudno Junction November 2015

We needed our Viscount Organ software updating together with a repair to the sub-woofer, so we contacted Anthony Bogdan Organs Ltd. Anthony himself came all the way from Leigh in Lancashire three days after our phone call to carry out the works. He arrived promptly at the time he had suggested and began to repair the sub-woofer. Anthony then set about updating the Organ software. All was going well until after about two hours, the system crashed. Anthony then called the Organ manufactures there and then, who said they would send him a new processor, but he would not receive it until middle of the following week.

A couple of days past and then Anthony called us to advise the part had come and he would come over to fit it immediately. Anthony came again from Leigh to fit the part and then start the upgrade process all over again. This time everything went well. Not been happy with the amount of update added on this particular day, Anthony suggested he would come back another day to add more new voices.

Our Organ is now spectacular and every Organist who plays it absolutely loves it. Nothing was too much trouble for Anthony. If you want a first class service, I would have no hesitation in recommending Anthony Bogdan Organs Ltd.

Brian Gledhill Church Warden St Mary The Virgin, Woodkirk October 2015

Anthony Bogdan made the whole business of choosing, customising, buying, and installing the best organ for my requirements as easy as it could possibly be. He pays great attention to detail and his musicianship is invaluable, especially when it comes to the final stages of voicing the instrument. It was clear to me from our very first meeting that his primary concern is to have a happy, satisfied customer. Many thanks Anthony!

Richard Chivers Organist Wrexham Catholic Cathedral September 2015

Anthony Bogdan has just completed the installation of a pre-owned Domus 1332 in my home, replacing a well loved and well used Viscount Jubileum 32 which had done sterling service for over 20 years. The service I have received from Anthony Bogdan has been impeccable from the first. He found and recommended this instrument and went to great lengths to ensure that it was to my satisfaction and met his high standards. I am delighted with my new acquisition and thoroughly impressed by the integrity with which Anthony Bogdan conducts his business and treats his customers.

John Hughes Assistant Organist Bridlington Priory June 2015

Having appointed a well respected organist to play for my daughter’s wedding, I was dismayed to find the church she had selected to be married in didn’t actually have an organ, instead making do with a keyboard. Being an occasional deputy organist at Penrith Parish Church I had heard of Anthony Bogdan as he supplied a temporary instrument during the pipe organ rebuild, so I approached him for help.

Pleased to say, thanks to Anthony’s help, my daughter will now be able to have her chosen hymns and organ music all made possible by the supply of a Viscount Cadet organ. This instrument is more than capable of filling this small historic building with sound which many listeners would not distinguish from the sound of pipes, all for a very modest outlay.I would like to say that dealing with Anthony has been a pleasure, and I look forward to staying in touch with him as a friend who helped out in time of need.

David Speechley May 2015

any thanks for the time, care and attention you have given to the installation and voicing of our new Viscount Envoy 35F organ, installed as part of our church refurbishment programme. We have received friendly, courteous and professional service throughout, and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others looking for a digital organ.

Alan Littlewood Organist Cleckheaton Methodist Church April 2015

Well...! It's a whole week since you arrived with my Cadet 42. What a week it has been! I've never spent so much time playing the organ! To have a three manual, solidly British "pipe" organ at my fingertips 24 hours a day is just phenomenal! I'm only a small way through my library of music and I am SO enjoying discovering all that the organ can deliver. What a joy! Thank you so very much indeed for your care, attention, help and patience. It's so important to deal with a real organist rather than a salesman.

The entire buying process of the organ was completely easy and stress-free - not something that often happens these days with a major purchase! All down to you. Also, what a friendly and charming man (forgotten his name!) physically delivered the organ with such genuine care and precision. It was also lovely to talk 'shop' with you and to discover how many people we have in common in the organ world. My cat also appreciated another organist in the house.....thank you for being so kind to her! Any time I get to recommend anyone in the digital organ sphere - it will be you.

David Evans DMus August 2014

We have received excellent personal attention from Anthony regarding the purchase of this Viscount Vivace 40 organ. He arranged for us to try one of these organs in another church and attended this visit with us. On no occasion did we feel under any obligation or pressure. St Michaels Worthing is a large church and Anthony advised regarding an additional amplifier and external speakers.

The cost of the whole project was just under £5,600. We have a very versatile instrument with many wonderful voices which is a joy to play. It is excellent with accompanying hymns, voluntaries and recital pieces. We have received countless compliments from the congregation regarding the beauty of this instrument. One feature I really like are the individual expression pedals for both Great and Swell.

The organ has been purchased with funds raised in loving memory of Rita Noakes, a truly loved and inspirational organist, pianist and choir leader of the church over a span of many years. So this organ is very special to us. Many thanks Anthony”.

Richard Elwood ANMSM April 2014

Just to say thank you very much for you services to us at St Andrew's Thursby. From the point of initial enquiry to the end result your service was personal and interested. You took care to provide us with the right instrument for our church's situation, and at a very reasonable price. We are very pleased with the outcome. I would unhesitatingly recommend your services to anyone thinking about a digital organ for church use

Canon Geoffrey Ravalde March 2014

I was thoroughly impressed with every aspect of my dealings with Anthony Bogdan over the purchase of a three-manual Wyvern organ. He was friendly, courteous and reliable throughout, and his team managed a complicated installation at my home with amazing care, skill and plenty of good humour. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anthony Bogdan Organs to anyone looking for good, honest and sensible guidance in purchasing an electronic organ.

Dr. Anthony Hammond (Concert Organist) January 2014

I have spent the best part of forty years playing and practicing on church organs, and I thought now was the right time to have my own home practice instrument. I really required a three manual instrument, but thought it highly unlikely within my limited budget. I soon found Anthony Bogdan Organs via the internet having previously met him some twenty five years ago. Within a few weeks a three manual Viscount Prestige II became available and under no obligation he took me to the other side of the Midlands to view and try it.

Only a fraction over my budget it now sits very well in my living room. Access was tight and tricky, but no trouble whatsoever. All done with patience and humour considering the cold wind that morning blowing off the Pennines! I am delighted, what a wonderful instrument, absolutely superb. With Anthony's experience and guidance I feel in very safe hands. Highly recommended.

Mr. John Bullough, MCertNMSM, Organist and Director of Music, St John the Baptist RC (Gem) Church, Rochdale Lancs. January 2014

Here in our Parish in Greenford, we have known for some time that our old organ had reached the end of it's days. But we were unsure as to what we should do. Then we were approached by the widow of one of our parishioners. She wanted to raise money for an organ in memory of her husband.

That gave us the impulse to start things moving. But where do you start when one is not an expert in this. So as one does in this day and age......we consulted Mr. Google. Too much information...but the one thing we learned was, that it was not just a question of picking an instrument, but also of getting the right person to do the "Voicing".

After hours of searching we kept coming back to the web page of Anthony Bogdan Organs and were impressed by the testimonies. So we phoned, and Anthony himself answered.

In no time we arranged for him to visit, we liked what he had to say and there and then placed the order. Later the people from Viscount came with Anthony, measured up, and a few weeks later we took proud possession of our new Viscount Physis Organ. Anthony visited the following day and voiced the organ. We are thrilled, our organist, Peter is thrilled, Ian our pianist (who wanted nothing to do with a new organ...he wanted an electric piano) is thrilled....and is now playing the organ. The sound is wonderful, fills the whole church and it's a very large building, and the singing has improved.

All in all, a very satisfactory, painless, and economical solution to a very important part of our liturgical life. We can't thank you enough Anthony.

The Reverend Eugene Lynch. Parish Priest, Our Lady of the Visitation Greenford Middlesex June 2013


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