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Viscount Physis Organs

Envoy 23 S

2 x 61 note Tracker Touch keyboards, 30 note radiating and concave pedalboard. 23 Physically modelled voices. Four preset organ styles and four user adjustable styles. 8 general thumb pistons and divisional piston with 16 memories Two expression pedals. Built-in Control Centre for changing voices and for tonal finishing. USB Pen drive for recording.

£11,350 inc VAT

  • Keyboards: 2 x 61notes tracker touch keyboards with velocity control for midi
  • Pedalboard: 30 note radiating concave
  • Stop type: Tilt tab
  • Audio Amplifiers: 2x60 watt + 1 x 100watt
  • Expression Pedals: two wooden pedals

Stops and Voices

  • Pedal: 6
  • Great: 8
  • Swell: 9
  • Total Speaking stops: 23 plus on board library so substitutions can be made
  • Sound Styles: 4 preset 4 User defined Styles can be saved to USB pen
  • Alternative Voices per stop: Yes selectable and additional sounds for each stop


  • Wooden Cabinet: yes dark or light oak with roll top and matching bench
  • Width x Height x Depth without pedalboard: cm 127 x 114 x 63
  • Width x Height x Depth with pedalboard 30 note radiating concave: cm 126.6 x 114.5 x 111
  • Weight: 115 kg
Open Diapason16
Bass Flute8
Choral Bass4
great to pedal
swell to pedal
Open Diapason8
Stopped Diapason8
Chimney flute4
Twelfth2 2/3
swell to great
Chimney Flute8
Echo Gamba8
Voix Celeste8
Contra Fagotto16


  • Edit Voice Parameters: 128 x 64 dots graphic with back light
  • Divisional Volume: Yes separate for each division
  • Tremulant: 2 separately for each manual depth and speed adjustable
  • Reverberation: 8 types
  • Ensemble Effect: Yes adjustable
  • Insufficient Air Effect: Yes proportioal to to active voices
  • Historic Temperaments: Yes
  • Keyboard inversion: Yes
  • Output Router: Yes stop by stop wind chest layout 
  • External Out Volume Control: Yes


  • Midi in, out, thru: Yes
  • Stereo Headphone Out: Yes
  • Stereo Aux In: Yes
  • Multiple line out: Yes 13 with output expansion board
  • USB to PC (for Viscount Organ Editor): yes
  • USB for Pen Drive: yes


  • General Pistons: 6
  • Divisional Pistons 6 to swell great and pedal (Picture needs updating)
  • Memory bank: 16
  • Total Memories: 128 general unlimited with pen drive
  • Piston sequencer: Yes
  • Auto Pedal: Yes
  • Enclosed Piston: Yes
  • Couplers: swell to great swell to pedal great to pedal
  • General Volume - Reverb Volume: yes with rotary potentiometers
  • Divisional Midi Enable: yes
  • Sequencer Remote Control: Optional radio no directive 50 m distance

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